Consumer Reports

Office based enquires without approaching the subject such as Discreet Asset Searches, financial status reports & credit checks.

Reports on Individuals: These are office based enquiries without approaching the subject to assess their financial situation and/or locate assets. Phone 01937 831290.


  • Office based enquiries without approaching the subject to assess financial situation and locate assets.
  • Personal Details: Confirmation of date of birth, verify name including checks for different variations, check relevant family members.
  • Trace Enquiries: Confirmation of current residential address and telephone numbers where possible. Email address enquiries.
  • Property Ownership Search: Trace all addresses - previous, linked, business and then check with land registry regarding ownership. Value estimated through internet searches and demographic information provided.
  • Directorship Search: All company appointments listed and checked. Key financial details/accounts, company credit check, shareholders details, any other relevant information provided. Mortgages and Charges register checked for assets.
  • Employment Search: Searches to establish employment & checks with professional bodies to confirm qualifications
  • Adverse Credit History: Includes searches for court judgments, bankruptcies, debt relief orders, administration orders, IVAs and insolvencies.
  • Deep Internet & Media Search: Social Networking checks: Includes Linked-in, Facebook &Twitter, Newspaper articles, blogs, forums, dating sites, advertising and other
  • Optional: Field Visits, Drive By Valuation & Description of residence, Details of any Assets seen or located, Subject's veracity & character were possible
  • Property searches can be carried out in Spain on just names.


  • Attend address & Interview debtor by completing a questionnaire - employment details, income, assets, mortgage, equity, debts & offer of repayment, agent's observations re property, cars in drive etc..


  • Electoral Roll
  • Full Credit History inc CCJs
  • Insolvency Information including any bankruptcy data.


  • A brief report detailing any adverse credit registered against the debtor.
  • Ownership and estimated value of the address provided
  • Key financial details of any companies in which they are a director.
  • Using this information in addition to a media search, we paint a picture of their financial situation which may assist you in deciding whether you want to give credit

* Fees will vary according to number of people involved in enquiry, number of companies/properties, extra requests and field visits.

* Phone Pauline to discuss your requirements and an estimate of fees will be provided.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that these reports will provide a definitive list of the debtor's assets.

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