Means Interviews

Also called a status report, fit-to-sue report, and pre-sue report, means interviews and reports are valuable in helping you decide the best method to recover your debt. Our experienced team will ensure these interviews are conducted in a legally compliant manner.
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How are means interviews conducted?

Our specialist agents will attend the address of your subject and conduct an interview, tailored to meet your requirements. We will request information such as their current employment, income, benefits, other debts, the value of and the subject’s equity in the house, and whether they own or rent the property. The agent will also list their own observations such as a description of the property, and any visible assets and liabilities. We can also provide you with photographs.

Our team can also undertake mortality tracing, beneficiary tracing, asset tracing, debt tracing, and overseas tracing. We understand that you may have strict regulatory or business deadlines to meet, therefore,
you can be confident that our team will resolutely stick to your timescale and budget. Although our team is regularly involved in large volume means interview projects, we are routinely instructed to trace and interview an individual or a small number of people. No matter how big or small your project is, you will receive scrupulous, personal, and dedicated service.

To find out more about how we can conduct means interviews on your behalf please get in touch today.

Key Benefits

  • You will receive a full, detailed report of our agent’s findings
  • We have the expertise required to deal with sensitive cases and you can be confident that our systems and processes comply with data protection and privacy rules and regulations.
  • We can confirm our findings using our extensive in-house databases.
  • We can tailor the interview questions to your needs, thereby ensuring you receive the most useful information

Key Features

  • Individual and bulk instructions undertaken
  • Photographs provided

What we Need From You

To receive a quote, please email

  • The number one to indicate the first item needed to trace an asset

    An email or covering letter containing your contact details and interview questions and details of the debt owed.

  • The number two to indicate the second item needed to trace an asset

    The subject’s full name, last known address, and reasons for the interview.

  • The number two to indicate the second item needed to trace an asset

    The subject’s, date of birth, telephone, email address, previous/parental address, and previous employment details (if known).

Why Choose Us?

  • Member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI), the only professional investigations association endorsed by the legal profession.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification - UKAS Accredited
  • Member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD)
  • Not only do we have a specialist in-house tracing team, but we also have a licensed field force that operates throughout the UK. We also have contacts with approved tracing agents based overseas.
  • All our employees are trained on the compliance requirements of the UK GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, and other relevant privacy laws.
  • As a niche company dedicated to providing debtor tracing expertise and process serving we collaborate closely with internal stakeholders and provide clients with one point of contact. We respond to all client phone calls and emails as swiftly as possible. Our team also prides itself on their agility and creativity, ensuring they meet clients’ objectives regardless of the complexity of the debt tracing project.
  • At Arkline Legal Agents, we invest heavily in technology to ensure our clients receive best in class service and results. Our point of difference is that we subscribe to all the available tracing databases.
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Case Study

We were contacted by a client to conduct an asset search on a person who was no longer repaying their outstanding debt.

We carried out discreet enquiries based around the provided address and found links to a variety of other addresses. Each address was scrutinised to verify the link between the property and the debtor, and we were left with four addresses positively associated with the subject, three being residential and one being a business address. The land registry confirmed two of the residential addresses were owned solely by the subject and that both of these properties had been converted into flats (all leased). We found a third address, jointly owned by the subject and their partner, where the property had recently been listed for sale. Our enquiries into the subject’s company appointments also found a further property owned by the business. Our pre-sue report included checks for adverse credit and we found several CCJs
outstanding. Finally, we gathered further information from our deep media searches in particular the business website which provided background information on the subject.

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